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Preventing Duct Fires

Kitchen Duct Fire

Most commercial kitchen fires are due to poorly maintained kitchen extraction systems of businesses like pubs, cafés, restaurants and hotels. In fact any business that fries or cooks with grease and oil based products is at risk.

What is TR19 and Why Do I Need It?

What is TR19?
TR19 was developed by the Building Engineering Services Association (BESA) almost 20 years ago. If you run a commercial kitchen TR19 is the standard that you need to keep your kitchen held to, to avoid hazards, including dangers to the general public and your employees.

Duct Cleaning Tips for Pubs London & Nationwide

Pub Duct Cleaning

The weather is getting better which means our pubs will be getting busier. Busier pubs means that kitchens will be busier and your kitchen ventilation equipment will be put to the test. Where food is prepared, adequate ventilation needs to be provided. This is to reduce high humidity, room temperatures, cooking odours and airborne particles.

What is HACCP? The Critical Maintenance Points

kitchen deep cleaning service

HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) is a system developed by the Food Standards Agency to help food business operators  introduce procedures to make sure the food produced is safe to eat.

Extractor Fan Cleaning for Chinese Restaurants

chinese restaurant extractor fan

The Chinese character 炒 chǎo shows the ‘fire’ radical and several strokes and is a representation of what is widely known as ‘stir fry’.

Stir-frying is the process of cooking food in a wok with hot oil.  A tradition of cooking that produces delicious and very popular dishes.

3 Weird Things Found In Kitchen Ventilation

kitchen ventilation cleaning

Grease and grime aren’t the only things you might find making a home in your kitchen ventilation system…
1. People
Timothy Cipriani was a recently paroled burgular who was found screaming for help stuck in the kitchen ventilation of a pizza restaurant in New York. He had crawled in from vent opening and got stuck with his feet dangling out of the canopy hood directly above a still hot fryer.

Noisy Extractor Fan?

noisy extractor fan

If your commercial kitchen extractor fan is making excessive noise it’s an issue you can’t ignore. Under the Environmental Protection Act 1990, local authorities have a duty to inspect their area for causes of statutory nuisance which includes ‘noise emitted from premises so as to be prejudicial to health or a nuisance’.

Spring Cleaning for Commercial Kitchens

The tradition of spring cleaning comes from times past when on the first dry day of the year people carried out a thorough clean of their houses after a long cold winter of cooking and huddling over smoky fires. They would take every item of furniture and all their belongings outside to air and then scrub and clean the floors and walls.

COSHH Regulations – Christmas Season Food Hygiene

COSHH Guidelines on Food Hygiene

In 2015 approx. 10 million turkeys were consumed in the UK over the Christmas period.

If you are a commercial kitchen adding turkey dinners to your Christmas menus, there are some basic hygiene rules you need to be aware of according to the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) Regulations.

10 Scary Kitchen Cleaning Facts!

Thanks to Edward Simpson for the photo -

We hope you all survived the Halloween holidays, here’s a few scary facts to bear in mind when you get back into your kitchens!

One single bacterium can multiply into more than eight million cells in less than 24 hours.
Most people spend about five years of their lives eating.
Germs can lurk on surfaces for days.

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