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Celebrating the National Fish and Chip Shop Awards

Celebrating the National Fish and Chip Shop Awards

This year saw the 30th iteration of the National Fish and Chip Shop Awards from Seafish, with judges looking for the best chippies in the nation. Held on the 25th of January at the Royal Lancaster in London, this year’s awards celebrated the best and the brightest of the nation’s stores and involved over 10,500 different outlets.

So, how did the team choose their winners, and who came away with the biggest prizes?

How are the winners decided?

The judges don’t look for top-of-the line equipment, but rather an establishment that is “clean, tidy, well maintained, and in excellent working order”. Along with serving quality food, emphasis is placed on staff knowing their stuff, with a rigorous seven month process making sure that business owners are aware of “responsible sourcing, diversification, [and] customer service”.

But it’s not just cleanliness and craft that matters – the overall atmosphere of each venue and its staff are also taken into consideration. This includes the friendliness of the front of house team, how easy the venue is to dine in, and how customers find their dining experience. The Chip Shop Awards also strongly promote sustainability and encourage those taking part to understand and incorporate best-practices when it comes to storage, preparation, cooking, and service.

Why should you enter?

The Awards are open to any business, no matter their size or how they have been established. So, if you’re on the fence about taking part in the 2019 heats, here are some reasons why you should put your hat in the ring:

Brings Genuine Benefit: Winning an Award or achieving a runner-up position can provide a boost to business for your company. Advertising and media coverage provides a free force-multiplier to your work, with awardees detailing improvements of between 50% – 100% to overall turnover. You can read more about the winners on the site’s testimonial page.

Provides Great Word of Mouth: By encouraging individuals to follow your restaurant’s application and assessment, the Awards can be a great opportunity for businesses to get to know their customers. This can help to drum up publicity for repeat business or on social media, and allows media sources to put forward your story as a local interest piece.

Gives a Chance to Review Best-Practice: The Awards carry distinct accolades for ‘staff training’ and ‘marketing excellence’. These can draw attention to your own exceptional efforts, and help highlight those who are doing the best in their field. Once identified, this gives an opportunity to take a look at your own systems, seek feedback, and make any improvements you think are necessary or appropriate.

This year’s key winners include:

Fish and Chip Shop of the Year Award

Miller’s Fish and Chips

Haxby, Yorkshire.

Best Newcomer Award

Malt and Anchor

Cirencester, Gloucestershire

Good Catch – The Sustainable Seafood Award

Fish City

Ann Street, Belfast

Fish and Chip Restaurant of the Year

The Pelican

Barnstaple, Devon

Outstanding Achievement Award

Towngate Fisheries

Idle, Bradford


We’re big fans of many of the fish and chip shops that we provide extract cleaning services for. What are your favourites across the UK?

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