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Extractor Fan Cleaning for Chinese Restaurants

chinese restaurant extractor fan

The Chinese character 炒 chǎo shows the ‘fire’ radical and several strokes and is a representation of what is widely known as ‘stir fry’.

Stir-frying is the process of cooking food in a wok with hot oil.  A tradition of cooking that produces delicious and very popular dishes.

In occupational and environmental hygiene, ‘fumes’ are defined as “submicron-sized solid particles created by the cooling of hot vapour”.

This vapour is formed when cooking oil is heated above its boiling point, which is typically the case in stir-fry cooking.

In addition to this ultrafine vapour, the overall cooking process generates aerosol oil droplets, combustion products, and other organic gaseous pollutants.

Hot oil cooking on a commercial level leads to a visible build up of grease on kitchen surfaces. If this continues without proper ventilation and working extractor fans it can even result in oily stalactites of grease hanging from fans.

DIY suggestions to avoid the problem of the airborne oil from stir-frying such as covering all surfaces in tin foil or just changing to steaming and boiling.

To really fix the problem you need a well maintained commercial grade extractor fan system.

The Food Standards Agency requires commercial kitchens to “Check extractor fans and filters regularly to make sure they are working properly and are free from grease and dirt”.

Read more about the insurance and hygiene requirements on extractor fan maintenance here.

If your restaurant specialises in Chinese cuisine or any cuisine where hot oil cooking is a daily necessity, contact Canopy Fan Cleaning for advice on extractor fan and canopy hood cleaning and maintenance.


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