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How Important is Energy Efficiency in your Kitchen?

How Important is Energy Efficiency in your Kitchen?

Commercial kitchens are notorious for high rates of energy consumption.  Recent reports by the UK Carbon Trust observe that in many cases, as little as 40% of energy consumed is used in the preparation of food! With rising costs, increased impact to the environment, and damage and wear to machinery, ensuring that you’re getting the most energy efficiency in your kitchen is more important than ever.

So, here are some top-tips to help increase the energy efficiency of your restaurant:

Use The Correct Settings

Before you make any expensive changes to your premises, it’s always worth checking to see if there are any quick-wins you can get at no extra cost. A little bit of research will let you find out optimal operating settings for all of your equipment, and if there are any alternate settings or functionality you can make use of. You can also learn some best practice about how to run your equipment. Consulting the provider of your refrigeration units or walk-in freezers will also allow you to make sure they are well maintained and operating at an ideal temperature. Or, if you’re happy to spend a little more money, installing time and energy saving devices is also a massive plus.

Check Before You Buy

When it comes to shopping for a new piece of energy-saving equipment for your kitchen, always take the time to check how much energy in Kilowatt-Hours that it uses. Running a check in your kitchen will also let you take stock of your items, and work out a cost-effective plan to gradually replace them. Remember, a good rule of thumb is to start looking for a replacement around the ten-year mark of ownership. And make sure that anything that’s older than fifteen years is swapped out as soon as possible.

Keep Things Well Maintained

Ensuring all the key items in your kitchen are well maintained is absolutely critical when it comes to saving money and the environment. Anything with moving parts that endures heavy use like mixers or washing machines should be regularly checked for wear and tear. Make sure that your hot-water temperature sits at a bacteria-beating 60°C, and that your pipes are blockage free.  This level of care should also extend to your refrigerator units that should be regularly descaled and defrosted. Your canopy fan should also be regularly maintained to make sure that heat and any fumes are vented as efficiently as possible, and insulating buildup is prevented.

Introduce New Best-Practices

While you equipment may be up to spec, it’s important to make sure that any wasteful daily practice is wiped out. Remind staff not to leave taps running, close doors to refrigeration units, and not to leave not leave ranges unattended. While this can be nit-picky, reinforcing best-practice will pay back dividends when it comes to safety and savings. And regularly reviewing your codes and standards will help highlight actions that make the biggest difference to the energy efficiency in your kitchen and allow you to refine them further.

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