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Keeping your Kitchen Clean for Longer

Kitchen Clean for Longer

When it comes to maintaining your premises, the never-ending need to constantly conduct cleaning is a challenge. But taking a few preventative steps can help keep your kitchen clean for longer.

So, here’s our guide to some quick wins for keeping your restaurant squared-away and tidy:

Keep your Floor Clean(er)

Taking care of nooks and crannies is essential to help keep dirt away longer. Try to work at your grouting lines and focus at the spaces between your tiles. Check that the staff carrying-out cleaning know the order they should clean items and that regularly used items like mops and sponges are thoroughly cleansed to avoid contamination. This should also extend to any items touching the surface of the floor, including kitchen mats, tray bottoms, or other devices you may have.

Avoid Greasy Buildups

Remember that greasy residue should always be cleaned as soon as it occurs, as build-up will only prove costly to fix in the long-term. Caked on grease will end up clogging your canopy fan, which can lead to overheating, and carry the risk of slips or contamination. To help counteract this, make sure that you conduct regular ventilation cleaning to maximise your fan’s effectiveness. You can also try to make sure that your tiles have an anti-slip sealing attached. Applying this sealant will help prevent accidents and provide a helpful barrier against dirt and germs on your floor.

Maintain your Surfaces and Windows

While it can be easy to focus on cleaning utensils and surface-tops, windows are easy to overlook. Ensuring that windows are clean allows your staff the best light to carry out their work and prevents the buildup of dust and dirt that can be easily dislodged and find its way into your preparation areas.

Maintenance as well as Cleaning

It’s important to remember that wear and tear will inevitably happen across your kitchen. And this will make itself known in damage to your equipment, utensils, and most-often used items. Make sure that when you conduct regular stock, or sanitation checks that the state of the item itself is reviewed. Keep an eye out for dents, damage and try to catch any potential problems before they get any worse! Ideally, this should involve regular checks on any automated cleaning equipment, processors and fixtures.

Don’t Forget to Check your Drains

Making sure that your drains are clear is crucially important, as build-up of grease and residue can stop a kitchen dead in its tracks at a critical moment. And after a ‘fatberg’ was discovered under the streets of London, making sure you dispose of residues in a responsible way is as much as a responsibility as a benefit. Accumulations only happen over time, so taking preventative steps is key – avoid pouring fatty or oily products down and that you clear residue from plates and equipment before cleaning.

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