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Kitchen Duct Fire

Most commercial kitchen fires are due to poorly maintained kitchen extraction systems of businesses like pubs, cafés, restaurants and hotels. In fact any business that fries or cooks with grease and oil based products is at risk.

But with Canopy Fan’s kitchen duct cleaning service those risks of fire can be reduced and make for a safer, cleaner environment for staff, customers and local residents to enjoy.

What causes a duct fire?

The build-up of grease and fatty deposits not only creates a breeding ground for bacteria and an environmental health hazard but an increased risk of combustion and fire. Grease can build up to a dangerous level inside the ventilation ductwork behind cooker hoods that might appear outwardly clean and if a fire starts on the cooker or in the deep fat fryer it can spread incredibly quickly through grease laden ducts.

Duct fires are notoriously hard to extinguish as they are often inaccessible and quickly spread to other areas resulting in a long and costly recovery, often forcing businesses to close altogether.

How to avoid a duct fire

Regular duct cleaning can help reduce the risk of fire in your kitchen ventilation equipment. Canopy Fan Cleaning provide a superior Duct Cleaning service for your business. We service companies throughout England, particularly in the Greater London, Surrey, Berkshire, Sussex, Kent and Bucks areas providing a thorough cleaning process on all elements of duct work.

Do I need to carry out a fire risk assessment?

Under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, the law requires that extraction systems need to be included when carrying out fire risk assessments with resulting actions taken to minimise the potential fire risk to buildings, occupants and preventing duct fires. Failure to comply with the law by not carrying out adequate cleaning and regular maintenance could not only result in fire and structural damage but also invalidate an insurance policy.

How often should ductwork be cleaned?

How often you’re obligated to have your ductwork cleaned depends on the level of usage in your kitchen. As below, usage of 2-6 hours per day requires annual professional duct cleaning. Moderate use, of 6 – 12 hours per day requires professional duct cleaning every six months. Heavy use of 12 – 16 hours per day requires duct cleaning four times a year, every three months.


We provide reliable, efficient, safe and certified cleaning services throughout England. We primarily operate in London, Brighton, Reading, Crawley, Sussex, Essex, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Dorset, Cambridgeshire, Wiltshire, Oxon, Hampshire, Guildford, Surrey and Kent but are now available nationwide.

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