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What is HACCP? The Critical Maintenance Points

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HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) is a system developed by the Food Standards Agency to help food business operators  introduce procedures to make sure the food produced is safe to eat.

HACCP involves the following seven steps:

  • identify the hazards
  • identify the critical control points (CCPs)
  • set critical limits at each CCP
  • set up checks at CCPs to prevent problems occurring (monitoring)
  • decide what to do if something goes wrong  (corrective action)
  • prove that your HACCP Plan is working (verification)
  • keep records of all of the above (documentation)

As part of routine inspections across the UK, the FSA enforcement officer will check that the business has an appropriate HACCP-based food safety management system in place.

Much of the HACCP inspection materials cover the day to day cleaning checklists of commercial catering regarding staff personal hygiene, food storage, chilling and cooking. These are routine points which should be effectively carried out by kitchen staff.

However the Maintenance section of these Food Safety guidance materials cover more structural aspects which would typically be outsourced to a professional cleaning company.

For example the Safer Food Better Business Maintenance Checklist advises the following:

  • Check your premises regularly for any structural damage or problems with equipment.
  • Put problems right as soon as possible, before they get worse or affect food safety.
  • Put reminders in your diary of maintenance checks and make a note of any repairs you make.
  • Check extractor fans and filters regularly to make sure they are working properly and are free from grease and dirt.
  • If you think that equipment might not be working properly, check it straight away. Do not wait until it has broken down.
  • Check that staff are using the equipment properly.
  • Make your maintenance checks more frequent.
  • Encourage staff to report any structural damage or problems with equipment, so you know about problems early.

Canopy Fan Cleaning offer a full Kitchen Deep Cleaning Service – all work standards conform to the Food Safety Acts and are in compliance with the Health and Safety At Work Act 1974.  We provide full documentation and certification of our work for your HACCP records.

Our Deep Cleaning Service will thoroughly clean all kitchen equipment and premises leaving them hygienic, functional and safe. We use specialist cleaning equipment and use approved chemicals to a safe level for disinfection.

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